Smokin hot review from a very happy customer!!

Maddie Van Fleet
NEVER underestimate the power of RED lips!

So it's pretty awesome when one of your new friends realizes that you are obsessed with RED lips and drop's her amazing new Power Lips lipstick in the mail for you to try out. Maddie Van Fleet , founder of Moxie Beauty Care , was convinced I would fall in love with it, and that it would also make my #maryahsmandatories list and it definitely has!

Ladies....It's called Unbreakable! 🔥🔥🔥
The name is badass itself. But do you want to hear the best part?? This has been on for 4 hours and still looks this good. I'm pretty sure you could go out for dinner, cocktails, and make out and you would still be rocking your Power Lips and looking smokin HOT! 🔥
You can thank me later.😉

I have been a Esthetician and makeup junkie for years and this has to be one of my all time products! ❤
Its super light on your lips, moisturizing, and has some amazing natural ingredients like 🥑 oil, and bee's wax in it.

So a big shout out and thank you
to you Maddie. 😘
It's like you could read my mind!💥💥💥

When in doubt wear red!💋

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